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Welcome to the official main channel of  “thecookingsmart” -Chitra Ki Rasoi.

We have information & collection of all Health tips & Recipes here for a healthy and good life.

We also felt that since I was trained professionally in cooking, baking, and confectionary, and have experience of  Indian cuisine, it was time to showcase that on the blog.

You see I have done my post-graduation in M.com and was trained both in mainstream Indian. I also cleared the NET examination in the commerce field after that I heard about blogging, I joined a cooking course in 2015 After that I also started my own cooking classes in Udaipur, Rajasthan and now I proved to call myself a blogger.

Whatever I know about cooking, baking and confectionery are thanks to my training in food, nutrition & dietetics.

Even before getting trained professionally, I already knew the basics of cooking as I learned it from my elders right from the age of 18. Cooking is one art that is deeply instilled in my life. 

About The Recipes

We have shared lots of recipes in this blog. one of the largest collections of pure Indian vegetarian recipes which have been tried and tested and presented with photos.

The recipes are also shared with many tips and suggestions so that it is easier for anyone to make them easily.

We are also grateful to our readers for giving us blessings, positive vibes, and good wishes.

Positive energy does make a difference. This fact is the positive comments, reviews, and mentions we have on our popular recipes like 

All the recipes are tried and tested in our kitchen first and then only shared on the blog. I keep the homemaker in mind and make the recipes. So that it is easy and one does not have to hunt around for ingredients.

The recipes shared are taken from our families, relatives, and friends. Some recipes are adapted from my cooking school and a few from cookbooks. Some recipes I have been making on my own for many years.

If the recipe is of my mother or mother-in-law or of any friend then that is also mentioned in the post. 

About Our Food & Recipes 

We always prefer home-cooked food whether it is making a simple Pizza or a loaf of bread or Chocolate cake. we believe in cooking with fresh ingredients that are easily available in the local market.

On the blog, you will find many healthy recipes made with whole grains and cereals. Even in many of my baking recipes, I have used healthy ingredients wherever possible.

Even before I started to blog, I would buy organic, and this habit has stayed even today. All our grocery stuff is organic produce, from grains to sugar and flour.

We even purchase organic vegetables and fruits. I do buy whatever we can. Hence, you will see fewer gourmet fruits or imported vegetable recipes on the blog.

We buy local vegetables and fruits to ensure that this supports the farmers of our country.

We also make sure to share some regional recipes made from rare ingredients or veggies which are not very popular or well known. We have tried to share at least one recipe for such an ingredient. E.g. We have covered many gourd varieties.

We think that people who want to use these ingredients should be able to make recipes with them easily. This is not only good for farmers but for us also as most of these ingredients are healthy.

Indian Food

Indian food is easy to cook. There is so much variety that we bet one cannot find such a massive variety in any country. From simple everyday recipes to complex recipes, from a basic DAL to a rich biryani, from a light meal to a full thali meal.

There are thousands of varieties of food that one gets in India. Not to forget the sweets and desserts too. Yet another Indian culinary delight is the Indian street food.

The recipes are also markedly different pertaining to the different regions. The North Indian food is different from the South Indian food. Then there is the Rajasthan, Gujarati, Maharashtra, and Goa food – which forms the western belt and the central belt – the Bihari, Agarwal, Awadhi, and Lucknowi cuisine which is again very different.

In between, there are Parsis, East Indian, Sindhi, and Iranian flavors too. Not to forget the North-Eastern states as well as Kashmir cuisine. So welcome to the land of Indian food.

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Comments are moderated by us every day. So it does take some hours or a day before you see the reply to your comment. If you have tried a recipe, you can even rate or review it.

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-Chitra Sanchora