Caleb Swanigan's death at the age of 25 shocked the world

Caleb Swanigan died at the age of 25 - Deeply shocked by family, friends and teammates

Caleb Swanigan was known for his calm and playful nature on the basketball court

Former NBA homesteader Caleb Swanigan has described the incident as "very sad" by the NBA Association.

How and why did Caleb Swanigan pass away?

Caleb Swanigan's death is natural and not due to any kind of disease - Reports

how much did Caleb Swanigan earn - $1,045,297

Where is Caleb Swanigan from?

Caleb Swanigan was originally from Indianapolis

Who did Caleb Swanigan play for in the NBA?

Caleb Swanigan played three seasons in the NBA, playing for the Trail Blazers and Kings.

How tall is Caleb Swanigan?

Caleb Swagat was 6.9 feet tall

What school did Caleb Swanigan go to?

Caleb Swanigan was a student of  Purdue University

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